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-- Pre-Registration Set-up --
(adapts for most Orienteering Events - if you can not fit your event in, do as much as possible and then contact us with variations)
your CLUB initials :     e.g.: LAOC SDO BAOC QOC
your CLUB name:     e.g.: San Diego Orienteering
CONTACT PERSON for this EVENT: ie MD, registar, person who handles runners enquiries
Contact's Name :       
Tel #:
Event ID# :     (suggest using yymmdd but can be any unique serial number)
Event Name :     e.g.: Golden Snake or Valentine-O
Event Date : thru
Event or club website :
    ie, some link to event write-up
Event Type :     (A, B, C or X)
Electronic Punching?
Number of Races    usually = # days, but you may have 2 races on one day! contact us for extra races.

         Which courses are offered for each race:--
if not listed, choose closest match, then contact us)
[non-standard course/colors "L"ime = Long InterMEdiate    "X and Z" = Short and Long advanced, M = memory ]

Format Race 1:
Format Race 2:


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